Tzatziki for Two (Vegan)

IMG_9863 IMG_9879 IMG_9882

Today I decided to whip up some homemade Tzatziki for my boyfriend and I. We desperately needed something to munch on while we studied. It turned out so fresh and delicious, I simply cannot wait until the next time I get to make this recipe! Hope that you enjoy it too 🙂

Tzatziki for Two

  • 1 large fresh organic cucumber (peeled and grated)
  • 1 spring onion (chopped)
  • 1 bunch fresh dill
  • 1/2 lemon (juiced)
  • 6 heaping tbsp unsweetened coconut yogurt
  • salt and pepper

Peel and grate your cucumber and place into a strainer or a piece of cheesecloth. Extract most of the liquid from the cucumber and put into a bowl. Add a pinch of salt. Squeeze lemon juice on top, then add the onion and dill. Spoon the yogurt into the mix and stir it up good. Add some freshly ground pepper.

Serve with pita, naan bread, nachos, veggie chips or whatever your heart desires.


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